Monday, February 1, 2016

Everything I needed to know about Calculus I learned at Six Flags

From a MUST READ book:  Most Likely to Succeed, by Wagner and Dintersmith, 2015.  If you really want to help kids, read this important book!  More coming.

Incidentally, who knew more about calculus - the Prophet Daniel or Leonardo da Vinci?

Most likely, the surprising answer is the Prophet Daniel.  Note this recent article in Science.  For all his brilliance, Leonardo actually had a third-grade understanding of math, according to Peter Bernstein in Against the Gods:  The Remarkable Story of Risk, 1998.  Which makes all of Leonardo's accomplishments even more remarkable.

But also ... this understanding puts the Biblical book of Daniel in a slightly different light as well.  The prophet that Jesus quoted the most was a thinker, a very logical person.  Hmmmm ....

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