Saturday, April 20, 2019

Love Conquers All - An Easter Poem

Love Conquers All
(An Easter Poem)
by Dan Krause

The earth, silent and shuddering
Revelers, exhausted and empty
Soldiers forlorn
Leaders numb

Demons cower,
Hell releases Him,
The tortured believing escape,
Satan’s minions, relieved and reprieved,
A far worse fate awaiting

A glimmer
Pure light, holy
Ever increasing, ever bright
Indescribable wonder,  the air electric
Babblers, doves, larks shouting for joy

Guards faint
The stone rolls
Heaven’s glory breaking forth
A broken body, beautiful
Carrying forever the scars of my sin
The torment of my selfishness
No guilt
No shame

All creation cries out for joy
The faithful unbelieving yet awed
The skeptics cynical and afraid
Love conquered all
Love endured all
Love never failed

No stone could stop it
No grave could contain it
Greater than man’s schemes
Higher than man’s thoughts
Love would not,
Could not,
be stopped.
No power on earth
Nor Satan himself
Separating us
From God’s love

All history changed
A pebble, now a mountain
No power greater
Our vessels like flowers
Praising God with bloom
Yielding fruit eternal
Blessed assurance

My Savior Lord surely did die
and so too, one day, must I
Separation’s pain - staggering and stinging
Family, friends, dreams still clinging
What might have been, forever lost;
All redeemed at unfathomable cost:
The very blood of the Lamb of God

Love conquered all
No grave to contain it
Love answers all
No man to constrain it
Love solves all
And soothes my soul
Love lives, He lives,
No more to die

Love conquers all
Because He lives
I too, may fully live
I too, may fully love
Through Christ who loves and lives in me.
Surely I will dwell in the house of the Lord